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Ansisters Event August 2005


Detail from the performance 'Patterns Outside My Head' by Janine Lewis, Rantebeng Makapan and Bonisile Nxumalo. As part of the FACE Ansisters 2005 event, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg.

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Self Care Intro
Tips for the Caregiver
About Zarina Mia


Presented to the Creative Activation Forum on Saturday 01 April 2006 at Consitution Hill, Johannesburg, South Africa.

A brief explanation on how each one easily succumbs to becoming a victim of STRESS impacts that result unconsciously into holistic fatigue and burn out.

A short analogy on how the mechanisms of the body’s design reaches breaking point through the recognition of the biological functioning and an awareness of the ANATOMY thereof leading to understanding the ANATOMY OF STRESS

Following up with a share on the value of using healing and relaxing self care methods and techniques in order to sustain the wellness and maximum performance and productivity of the self.

A quick review of how PERSONALITY TYPES with reference to TYPE A and TYPE B personalities and the functioning thereof manifests in exhaustion and fatigue.

Conscientising on the benefits of ANTI STRESS modalities and elaborating on the knowledge and usefulness of meditative practices

A soft and smooth flowing meditation experience supporting the understanding of meditation and encouraging the implementation of the preaching

Taking the participants through a gentle experience of listening to the breath, tuning into the sounds starting to see value of stilling the mind and slowing down the marathon of thoughts and growing the gaps of silence in order to rejuvenate and energise the organs for improved and optimum functioning.

An enjoyable experience and a gratifying opportunity to offer and share with like minded and interested persons.

INDEED - a unique blend of giving and receiving as each one overcomes our own perpetual anxieties and architect our profound potential destinies.


Zarina Mia
MSc (OB) t/a

Posted 22 April 2006,, author: Zarina Mia.


Tips for the Caregiver

  • Don’t try to be perfect - you are perfect in all of your imperfection
  • If you have a problem, DO something about it otherwise it gets bigger and overwhelming
  • Resolve conflict and problems immediately
  • Leave space in your life for disappointment
  • Laugh a lot; watch a comedy; cry if you need to.
  • Take care of your soul, pray, meditate, connect to you’re your spiritual being
  • Cherish those close to you; always work on your relationships
  • Set some boundaries for yourself between personal and professional life
  • Always analyze yourself to see if you’re ok
  • Be sensitive to what’s happening around you
  • Keep a diary to write down every day what special thing happened to you today.
  • Write a poem in which you put your deepest feeling into words even if you tear it up later to get the stress gets released from your body
  • Try to build something you really love into your week
  • Take regular breaks
  • Remain interested and curios in your surroundings
  • Accept that there are thing that you cannot change
  • Live a life of being grateful
  • Learn to say NO if you can’t or don’t want to do it. Everyone has limits
  • Sometimes we have a need to be needed that’s why we just say yes for everything
  • Learn to do the work self satisfaction rather than praise from others
  • Do things that is important rather than urgent
    Set realistic expectations
  • Learn to live one day at a time
  • Don’t have such a tight schedule that you are unable to keep it up
  • Don’t try to do everything yourself try to delegate.
    Leave space for the unexpected

  • A balanced diet and exercise is important
  • Choose to do activities that you enjoy
  • Drink lots of water and little tea, coffee and alcohol
  • Watch your sleeping pattern bananas and milk help to sleep.
  • Nurture yourself, take walks, and listen to relaxing music
  • Spend an extra 5 minutes in the shower and let the stress runs down your back with the water
  • Stand in front of your window and breathe deeply five minutes

Posted 22 April 2006,, author: Lizelle Haugenmeier.


About Zarina Mia

Zarina Ma (MSc OB), is an independent consultant specializing in Holistic Health, Wellness, and Training. Based in Gauteng, Zarina does research, counselling and numerous personal growth and empowerment workshops. In addition to personal transition and stress management, her interests include lifestyle change and holistic health, organizational management and skills development.

Along with a growing range of workshop experiences, Zarina offers custom designed consultations, experiential learning approaches, role playing, feedback and other learning by doing techniques that show result in positive growth for participants. Her vast involvement at various levels in the field of Holistic Wellness include varied modalities of healing treatments, human relations training, negotiation skills, communication skills, effective relationship building, inter and intra personal relations.

Zarina has devised basic training tools and formulated a vast range of course material. Her training includes qualifications from Unisa, Institute of Natural Health, Intec, Commonwealth Open University and various other Accredited Institutes.

She is a member of The Allied Health Professionals Council of S.A, registered with the Massage Therapy Association.

Zarina has worked closely in the community at various levels and is associated with growing organizations. She has been afforded the opportunity of working at a Seven Star Health Centre in The Middle East as a Holistic Health Counsellor, Therapist, Programme Planner and Co-ordinator. Her healing practice includes energy healing as an alternative holistic training benefit.

Zarina Mia has been accredited as an Assesor with Service Seta and is accredited as a Provider with Services Seta. Zarina Mia trading as Com-Unique is registered with the Commonwealth Open University as a Tutor Centre to facilitate Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree training in counseling subjects – subsidiary with The Council of Counsellors.

The following is a short list of some of the opportunities of various contracts which has enabled her to present her skills:

• Stress Management : Multichoice / ACSA
• Grant Heale : Sales/ Negotiation skills
• GCIS : Self Esteem workshop
• Sistahood : Self Esteem/ Celebrating the Woman lecture
• Meditative Magical Moments Workshops
• The Bamboo Stalk : Personal Growth Training for Youth
• The Zone Experience : Personal Growth Training for Youth
• The Big Five : Personal Growth Training for Youth
• Continuous Counselling Services
• Development Programmes
• Service Excellence : Waiter Training for Fishmonger Restaurant
• Life Skills Programme : Executive Approaches
First year maths/science students at Wits
• Team Building Workshops : OSISA, Womans Forum etc
• Employer/Employee relationships
• Communication Skills at various levels
• Creative Team Building Endeavours

Zarina’s philosophy is based on the more one learns, the more one realizes how little one knows. Her mission statement has a broad vision of working in the helping profession as Trainer, Educator, Facilitator to BUILD BRIDGES, and BREAK DOWN BARRIERS with TLC and GENTLE SKILLS and STROKES.

Posted 22 April 2006,, author: Zarina Mia.