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Ansisters Event August 2005


Detail from the performance 'Patterns Outside My Head' by Janine Lewis, Rantebeng Makapan and Bonisile Nxumalo. As part of the FACE Ansisters 2005 event, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg.

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John Moore







Where has exploring the theme of 'ansisters' taken you?

I have been dealing with the concept of our ancestors for many years, the San I believe are the first "ancestors" of Africa that we know of, they are held in very high regard in my personal opinion. I regard myself as a child of Africa fully connected to "our Ancestors" so I pull on much of the material available to us from the San people. When this theme of the Ansisters was shown to me, it was a brief moment like a door opening that many ideas for the exhibition was shown to me. It was literally like a chanelling, for me as an artist such communication between myself and my thoughts I like to think that my "african" Ancestors help me to construct the themes and imagery for the artwork.


What are your thoughts on the world we've inherited from our ansisters?

The San where very proud people, connected to the planet like all hunter gatherers of the time, only taking as much as they needed, never taking too much. We inherited an incredible land filled with myth, mystery and magic. In a few short years man has grown and filled out, building cities and disregarding nature. As man grows so less magic can be accessed, man also looses touch with nature and becomes more focused on self and material gain. Now man (modern day man) needs to travel further away to feel that sense of wonder. I hope we realise that we need to get in touch with our roots again before it is not to late. The question to ask is what will our childrens children inherit from us? Remember we will be their ancestors.


Do you feel you have a message from your predecessors? Or have you come to some insight in the process of investigating them? If so, what is it?

I believe in reincarnation, the act of once dying in a body you come back to the planet to gain experiences till one is enlightened through our sould that part of ourselves that is eternal and connected to God. In a sence in bodies I have centuries I can reach back in time and communicate with myself, i literally am my own ancestor. I have a soul that has experienced many past lives, those lives can help and influence me in this life to make me a better person and live my life for the greater good of all. I can connect and communicate with the ancestors to help me in my life path.


Why do you engage in this creative collaboration?

I engaged in this collaboration due to the fact of my spiritual path, like the San I believe I have something to say, they used their cave painting to tell stories from the spirit world, I tell stories in the form of prints from the word of my dreams and help represent the animal kingdom for humans to see. I am literally a modern day shaman, voicing the concerns of the animal kingdom, I bridge realities and bring the Animals concerns to the human consciusness.


What are you hoping to communicate through your intended artwork?

I was shown specific works to make for this show specifically talking about hououring the Females consciousness in our ancestory. I intend to show the power and magic of woman and how they have helped to shape the world we live in.


Please describe this artwork/production/play/song/series of poems that you are busy with.

I am in the process of creating two huge copper plate images for the show using hardground line, drypoint and aquatint. The images will potray woman artefacts and magical images to show their ability to create, in all it's forms. Of course there will be some "animal significance :-)).


How has your creative journey before this project prepared you for taking part in this?

I am constantly looking at the world/ reality we are in to find those shards of magic of the old (ancestor filled) days. They are here but I need to find them, in this modern day reality they are harder to come by, more often places in nature untouched by man. I can also connect to this reality in reading books, remembering my dreams, thinking in my subconscious or interacting with nature or the realm of the imagination. All these realities help me to find those Imagery filled artworks of the days we communicated with nwture and spoke to the animals.


Please tell us a little more about where you've been, what you've done creatively speaking.

I have been a printmaker for 15 years and have always had a passion for wildlife immagery, specifically Southern African fauna and flora. I started off looking at environmental concerns and the myths and legends of the African continent, I used bright colours and mostly the element of water. Slowly I shifted to more conceptual imagery and worked more with the element of light and shifted more into the realm of coloured monochrome work. Recently I have been working more deeply in the realm of the sub-conscious and the more moody, reflective light and pure black and white or momochrome immages. I have a show on at Gordart at theThompson Gallery in Melville which opens at 5:00pm on the 31 July. I will have specific links to the Ansisters show (also on at the same time) and look forward to the ideas that get sparked from this show (there are allready 3 new exhibitions planned just from this collaberation).

Posted 20 June 2005,, author: John Moore.