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Ansisters Event August 2005


Detail from the performance 'Patterns Outside My Head' by Janine Lewis, Rantebeng Makapan and Bonisile Nxumalo. As part of the FACE Ansisters 2005 event, Constitution Hill, Johannesburg.

Copyright © FACE 2005.
All rights reserved.

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bowl process
deliverence (176KB)



Nerina du Plessis


I'm Lionness

I'm Lionness detial by Nerina du Plessis.



Translation detail by Nerina du Plessis.


Where has exploring the theme of 'ansisters' taken you?

OMNE VIVUM EX OVO "All live [is] from [an]egg"
When and how did this circle become closed? It is exceedingly difficult to imagine.


What are your thoughts on the world we've inherited from our ansisters?

U-turn society. Recycle Society. We walk the path once trampled by our forebears, our world now travels the same route, the same journey. Now we should perhaps be alert of specific encounters/battles we yet have to meet or overcome, over and over unless that generation will complete the perfect circle we will always return


Do you feel you have a message from your predecessors? Or have you come to some insight in the process of investigating them? If so, what is it?

Look around ,no not a round. Look and see conversations.


Why do you engage in this creative collaboration?

I guess I'm a sadist....the processes always leaves me vulnerable and self destructive, almost like waking up from a bad dream and to go to sleep knowing just that.


What are you hoping to communicate through your intended artwork?

Make'em see, through my looking glass


Please describe this artwork/production/play/song/series of poems that you are busy with.

Products of translation


How has your creative journey before this project prepared you for taking part in this?

All viewers can't consume my visible messages. Now I will spell it out frame for frame


Please tell us a little more about where you've been, what you've done creatively speaking.

I excist, blind deaf and all of the above

copy that, this copy is as good as the original, copy paste, delta delta copy!!
follow the sheep dolly a parrot that never made the treasure. no name brands copy a copy of a copy, the clone generation. no name culture. robot like follow copies of copies reminded, the more copies from copies results in degeneration..mute-alienation. The end of the human specie as such, societies constant growth hovering against a void, perhaps turning back seemed the alternative to eskalating, the risk less vulnarable than hovering chaos...although what risks lie infront of society as it enters the u-turn socio economic uphoria? what awaites the the specie of the human race, following same paths meaning what war, poverty, stuggle, hiv, 11sept in reverse. all that what we are, what society knows will still remain.....what purpose to copy into our history, the u-turn age of no name, no man....society chose to live u-ternably from a distinct different dimension, seeking amongst that chaos destruction the missing link towards the unknown human abilities. recycle paper waste recycled society, remember, but if society would do to discover many things overlooked from the authentic curious instincts, what would that foundings contain, and how would it maintain the then lost civilisation? recreate the cloned copy that has no recollection for the drive to a forward society, would the extinct then maybe be kept in zoos, the u-turn civilization ultimetaley will be the missing link, how far such process could decade,well guessing like there civilisation becomes another forgets and dies ineach other, re-inventing, although this age of the no name will certainly be different, there by it would mark the end of this world. taking with them some of others, that mistery of life, excistence-that exit stance of our body and spirit.

quote, unquote and he said,its written in the scriptures,follow your instruction manual,learn to write,do can do,eat with a knife and fork, drink is a word? what copies we live religiously by copies. what clone of a human would make any difference to our society? lets clone the entire human race! we will still be hovering! what then will recocknise indifference then? nothing changes..all copies. that what will occure deep dna partially reacting to different frequencies and response, that what is now in our pshyci will rebirth into the bodily structure of that cloned. a new speci. the evolution of man.


Posted 02 July,, author: Nerina du Plessis.



BOWL PROCESS n paar kleine gedagtes oor my sista-hood bowling

ek ondervind ready - made processes
my brein maak vinninge keuses van baie pre-made pakkies

ek versmul my aan die stories van die 'bowl' se buite-kant

die to grow,
grow to die



Staring at the blank space of sheet-less recollections and sacred valleys of stark white faces that circum kings and nights with amber black burned ruins of castles, wasted memories and history without fighting race or culture that could speak of the flourishing city of words once that filled these empty pages.

Staring at white cornflake mountains draped in cold crystal ice, no valley to follow through the stark barren fields where once kindled the spirit of laughter.

Staring into my own reflection, wondering amidst the soldiers of choice to claim my bowl and to my delight realised I’m holding two exact bowls similar in every curve of which its been laden.

Staring through glass fit light, each breaking moment sacrilege. Distorting continents, the battlefield of my ancestors, moulds fetish actions and disregards their taboos.

Posted 30 June 2005,, author: Nerina du Plessis.